Greek Life at YCP

Finding your forever family from day one.

Jasmine Martin, ’19

Jasmine Martin is a junior Mass Communications major with a minor in Public Administration at York College of PA. Jasmine is a sister of the Phi Eta chapter of Phi Mu. In addition to being involved in Phi Mu, Jasmine is involved in many other areas on campus like being a Resident Assistant (RA), working in Library Technology Services (LTS), coordinating a show on the college’s radio station WVYC, working as a Graham Scholar, and serving as the treasurer of the Jewish organization on campus, Hillel.

Birthright Trip Greeks
YCP Greeks on their Birthright to Israel

Hillel is a Jewish organization at YCP that is part of the Gordon Center for Jewish Life and Spiritual Life Office. Hillel may be a Jewish organization, but the group is inclusive to all students. This summer, Jasmine was able to go on her Birthright to Israel with members of Hillel at YCP and members from across the country. Jasmine also traveled with two other members of YCP Greek Life, Josh Kirshner of Zeta Beta Tau and Delani Ader of Sigma Delta Tau.

Throw What you Know
Jazzy at the top of the Masada during sunrise

Birthright is a program set up by the Israel government and other donors that gives Jewish people, ages 18-26, the opportunity to visit and experience their homeland. Jasmine said “it was a life changing experience honestly, the people there are progressive and advanced. Despite the problems around them, they are happy and friendly.” During her travels, Jasmine got to meet a group of Israelian soldiers and they were able to share experiences about their lives with each other. “I was able to learn about their life, while I got to teach them about America.It was really cool because we have very different lives and very different mind sets but in the end, we are all Jewish.”

This trip is a once in a lifetime experience for many of the students and a unique opportunity for three Greek students to connect through their religion. Jasmine told us that through this trip she learned more about herself and feels she has a stronger sense of her religion.

Jamine Martin of Phi Mu & Josh Kershner of Zeta Beta Tau on their Birthright in Israel


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2016-2017 Recap

As we wrap up the end of the 2016-2017 academic year at York College of Pennsylvania, we wanted to share a few highlights from the year! It was fun and busy year filled with educational programs, socials, service projects, philanthropy events, leadership development, and much more. Check out our full annual assessment report here: 2016-2017 Greek Life EOY Report.


  • Greek Honor Roll recognizes members who strive for academic excellence by earning a 3.5+ GPA.
    • Fall 2016 – 124 members, 30% of Greek Life
    • Spring 2017 – 165 members, 31% of Greek Life
  • Order of Omega, fraternity/sorority honor society initiated the full 15 new members this year.
  • Over 120 Greek Life students graduated from YCP this academic year.
  • Number of inactive students, students with 2.5 GPA or below, has decreased by 30% this year!
  • Greek grade reports published below.
Greek Grade Report Fall 2016
Greek Grade Report Spring 2017











  • 6,685 hours of community service were completed this year by Greek members; ~12 hours/member. Full breakdown of chapter service hours located in the EoY Report.
  • 80 Greek members participated in the annual Spartan Service Day event in October.
  • Greek chapters volunteered at a variety of campus and local programs like the alumni 5Ks, YCP Hackathon, Meals on Wheels, local elementary schools, Olivia’s House, the York Halloween Parade, and many park clean-ups.


Greek Week 2017 Recap
  • $35,555 raised for local/national philanthropic organizations this year by Greek members; $65/member! Full breakdown of chapter monies raised located in the EoY Report.
  • During Greek Week, Greeks raised over $1,000 that were donated to YWCA victim services in honor of April Sexual Assault Awareness month and collected over 2,000 pounds of canned food items that were donated to the York County Food Pantry.


  • Government
    • Interfraternity Council (IFC)
      • Worked with Residence Life to establish fraternity housing starting fall 2018.
      • Increased programming efforts for fraternities like hosting first annual IFC Golf Outing.
      • Continued to support their local philanthropy, York SPCA, by hosting Putts for Mutts fundraiser.
    • Panhellenic Council (CPH)
      • Brought in Fleece for Keeps organization as a philanthropy project to make blankets for children in foster care. The women made over 50 blankets and raised over $80 for the group.
      • Very successful spring recruitment, with over 100 new members receiving a bid.
  • Involvement
    • 40% of Greek members are involved in another YCP club/organization with 9% of the community serving as a leader for another YCP club or organization.
    • Greeks continue to be involved in programs and events across campus. Examples include:
  • Leadership Programs
    • 130 Greek members, 25% of the community, attended a national or regional leadership conference!
    • Our office increased our student delegation to bring 6 YCP Greek members to the Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) Annual Conference in Connecticut in February.
      • 100% of those students responded likely or very likely to attending the conference again.
      • 100% students would recommend this experience to their brothers/sisters.
      • 100% agreed or strongly agreed that they were able to network with other Greek students and professionals as a result of attending the conference.
      • “Attending NGLA has enhanced my experience at YCP and in Greek Life by giving me an opportunity to improve my networking, leadership skills, and professional experience.”
        – Joe Carbone, Tau Kappa Epsilon
    • One of our goals this past year was to implement a Greek Life Ambassador (GLA) program for senior Greek leaders to give back to the community. 12 outstanding seniors were selected to serve as GLAs and represented our community at various events like Open Houses and Accepted Student Days. Additionally, the GLAs were responsible for teaching the New Member 101 program that all new members attend.
  • Awards
    Greek Excellence Awards 2017
    Greek Excellence Awards 2017
    • 3 of the 5 organization finalist for the Jody Appell Community Service Award were Greek chapters.
    • 6 of the 8 winning organizations of the ExCEL Series grants were Greek chapters.
    • The Annual Greek Life Awards ceremony was held at the end of April to recognize all the outstanding work chapters and members achieved this year with over 300 Greek members, advisers, and administrators in attendance.


  • Interest in Greek Life has continued to increase from year to year. The community has more than 500
    members involved, averaging around 12-15% of campus.
  • Retention of new members continues to be high on campus, with the community retention rate of 95%. This means 95% of students who receive a bid are initiated into the chapter.
  • Alumni Programming
    • Over 740 alumni came back to campus this past year to attend their chapters various alumni events from Founder’s Day celebrations, to anniversaries, to BBQs, luncheons, and golf outings!
    • Several chapters celebrated various anniversaries this past year and held special reunions like:
      • Delta Phi Epsilon celebrated their national centennial event with over 100 alumni
      • Sigma Delta Tau also celebrated their national centennial in March
      • Kappa Delta Rho celebrated their chapter’s 10 year anniversary
      • Phi Kappa Psi celebrated their chapter’s 25 year anniversary with over 100 alumni
      • Tau Kappa Epsilon celebrated their chapter’s 40th anniversary with over 60 alumni


  • National Hazing Prevention Week 2016
    National Hazing Prevention Week 2016
    National Hazing Prevention Week 2016
    • Five days of risk reduction programming focused on hazing prevention, sponsored by Order of Omega.
    • This year we collaborated with the ExCEL Series, to host a bystander intervention and team building program that over 50 Greek members attended.
    • There was a hazing prevention campaign that Greeks ran in the Student Union lobby during the week.
    • The week concluded with a luncheon with Greek presidents and campus administrators, including Campus Safety Officers, to discuss hazing prevention efforts at YCP.
  • Bras Across Campus
    • This fall the Panhellenic Council adopted a new philanthropy, Bras Across Campus, that raises awareness about breast cancer for college aged students.
    • The women collected over 100 bras that were hung in the Student Union to raise awareness.
    • The sororities also competed to raise the most money, raising over $1,600 in total.
    • The week ended with the founder of the organization speaking on campus to the sororities about women’s health, the Feel Your Boobies campaign, and the philanthropy.
  • It’s On Us
    • The Greek Councils helped sponsor and promote both It’s On Us weeks this past year.
    • Greeks participated in the events like the campaigns in the lobby, attending The Hunting Ground film screening, and Take Back the Night in the spring.
    • The Greeks also created a sexual assault awareness PSA that was shown around campus during the programming weeks.


  • Social Media
    • A new program this year was the Social Media Assistant position. Students applied to run and create materials for the Greek Life social media platforms.
    • The assistant helped to create and write the Greek Life blog, a new platform that helps to highlight Greek members beyond their letters and share student stories in a narrative form.
    • The Greek Life blog has been a big hit this year, publishing over 25 student profiles and reaching over 3,000 views.
    • Greek Life also expanded their social media presence by adding an Instagram account @GreekLifeYCP
  • Housing
    • All 6 sororities continued to live in the small house options offered by Residence Life.
    • The Interfraternity Council worked Residence Life this past year to propose a fraternity housing initiative. Starting fall 2018, Old Tyler Run buildings will be converted into fraternity housing spaces.
  • Conduct
    • Conduct issues continued to arise this year within the Greek community.
    • Five hearing boards formally adjourned for Greek Life conduct issues, with 4 of the 5 boards finding chapters accountable.
    • Four Greek chapters were put on formal probation statuses. Two organizations were put on informal warning notices through our office.
    • One Greek chapter was inactive for a semester due to their chapter GPA not meeting the Greek standard.
    • We continue to take a strong stance against Student Code of Conduct violations and will continue to hold our Greek organization accountable for their actions.
  • Greek Life Annual Survey
    • 209 students completed the survey, which is about 40% of the community.
    • Results:
      • 82% agree or strongly agree that their involvement in Greek Life has contributed positively to their success in the classroom.
      • 94% agree or strongly agree that as a member in Greek Life, they have learned how to look at situations from more than one perspective.
        • “Greek Life has challenged me and been rewarding in doing so. It has made me think about not only myself, but others As I have held different positions in my chapter and in the Greek community, I have learned time management, leadership, and problem solving.” – Sarah Sanders, Phi Sigma Sigma
      • 94% agree or strongly agree that they have developed a stronger sense of community and understand the importance of serving those in their community.
        • “Being part of Greek Life has provided me with opportunities to serve my fellow neighbor. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to provide such service had I not been in my fraternity.” – Brad Murray, Kappa Delta Rho
      • 92% agree or strongly agree that they have a better understanding, appreciation, and acceptance for the difference in people.
      • 91% agree or strongly agree that as a member of Greek Life, they have developed new leadership skills.
      • 92% agree or strongly agree that they are more confident in their leadership abilities as a result of joining a fraternity/sorority.
      • 84% agree or strongly agree that the skills and experiences they’ve gained from Greek Life has positively impact their ability to get an internship, job, and/or placement opportunity.
      • 90% agree or strongly agree that their involvement in Greek Life has contributed positively to their level of self-esteem and self-confidence.
      • 96% agree or strongly agree that their involvement in Greek Life has contributed to their college satisfaction and reasons for staying at York College of PA.
        • “Greek Life has made my experience at York College work going to York College.”
          – Corey Byrne, Kappa Delta Phi
        • “Greek Life has made York a home for me. Greek Life has helped shape me into the person I am today and I am beyond grateful of all the opportunities I have had.”
          – Megan Fritz, Phi Mu

Thank you to all the students, alumni, advisers, and administrators that continue to work hard to make YCP Greek Life the best! We can’t wait to see what next year brings us!

2016-2017 EoY Report

Megan Fritz, ’17

Meg Fritz is a junior Recreation and Leisure Administration major with a focus in Therapy at YCP. She is from the Phi Eta Chapter of Phi Mu and is the President for the 2017 term. In addition to being in Phi Mu, Megan is also Resident Assistant (RA) on campus and an active member of the Recreation and Leisure Student Association.

Phi Mu’s past President (right) and Megan, the new President (left)

Megan was recently awarded the 2016-2017 “President of the Year” award during the Greek Excellence Awards ceremony in April. Sisters who nominated Megan said she is successful at balancing her commitments and always makes time for her sisters. In addition to that, she is always positive and friendly to be around. On top of Megan winning one of the most prestigious awards on campus, Phi Mu was also awarded the first ever “Chapter of the Year” award. The awards committee was impressed with the chapter’s service work, campus involvement, and cultural awareness.

Megan, President of the Year, and Heidi Lineweaver, Sorority Woman of the Year


One thing that makes Megan’s experience unique on campus is that the same semester she became a sister of Phi Mu, she also was elected onto the Executive Board.  Megan joined in the Fall of 2015 which is the same semester that elections were being held. Megan says that, “being a new member and being elected on to Executive Board that same semester was scary and overwhelming at first but by far the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. Becoming an Executive Board member made me push myself to be the absolute best I could  be so that I could effectively serve our sisterhood.”

Megan (top) with her Big and Grandbig.


During her year on the Executive Board she says that she learned a lot about what it meant to be a leader. “I strive to be someone that my sisters can count on and look up to. I am beyond honored to have been elected as the next president of our chapter. This is not something that I would have imagined for myself when I first became a sister but so grateful that my time on the Executive Board and many sisters encouragement me lead me to now.”


Whe14021528_1224245787607893_8572603990659372495_nn asked about how Greek Life has affected her experience on campus, Megan said, “Greek Life has given me a sense of purpose on campus. It has provided so many opportunities for me to grow as a person and as a leader.” Megan says that she is humbled by everyone’s support and is excited to serve her chapter and the Greek Life Community for the upcoming year. It’s clear that the community is just as excited about the hard work she has put in not only for the community but her sorority as well.


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Myles Jackson, ’19

Myles Jackson is a sophomore Mass Communication major with a Music Industry minor at York College of PA. Myles is a member of the Alpha Theta chapter of Kappa Delta Phi and currently serves as recruitment chair for his fraternity. On campus, besides being in Greek Life, Myles is also involved in YCP’s Rock Band and the Explorative Learning Association.

This semester, Myles was able to participate in YorVoice 2017 music competition where he preformed at the Strand Capitol theater downtown. YorVoice showcases artists in the York area and is sponsored by York’s Cultural Alliance. Myles noted that it was one of his goals as an artist to preform at the Strand and that he was very excited that he was able to do so.

YCP Rock Band

When Myles came to campus he was interested in the YCP Rock Band class. He was offered the chance to audition and was accepted to preform with the group. Myles says, “having graduated from Baltimore School for the Arts, I was no stranger to being on stage and working with musicians, and I found that piece of my life missing when I got to YCP, so joining YCRB was really me just bringing that back into my life here at college.”

Greek Goddess and Greek God during The Greek Awards

Last year, Myles was the winner of the Greek God competition for YCP Greek Week. Myles had plenty to say about how Greek Life has impacted his life. He explained that he has made valuable lifelong friendships and that being in Greek Life has allowed him to improve himself. “I’m not a very trusting person, but being a part of my fraternity has taught me that nothing of value can be achieved without help. Learning to depend on others and striving to develop myself constantly is one of the most valuable lessons that being a member of Kappa Delta Phi has taught me.”

Kappa Delta Phi at Greek Week 2016

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Joe Carbone, ’18

Joe Carbone is a Computer Information Systems major with a Music Industry minor at York College of Pennsylvania. Joe is a brother of the Omicron Upsilon Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon and serves as the New Member Educator this spring. In addition to his chapter, Joe is also the Vice President of Programming of the Interfraternity Council. On campus, besides being involved with fraternity life, Joe is a Help Desk Student Worker where he works as the Network Infrastructure Team Intern.

Members of IFC at Putts for Mutts charity event

Joe stated that being in Greek Life allowed him to increase his leadership skills, develop a work ethic, and build time management skills that he said would be needed in his future career. “The brothers I have made in Tau Kappa Epsilon at York College are some of my best friends, and I can honestly say that my pledge brothers will be in my wedding some day. Most people don’t believe it unless they see it, but it truly is the fraternity for Life.”

Joe was able to attend the Northeast Greek Leadership Association Annual Conference over winter break with fellow YCP students. Joe had this to say about his time at NGLA, “my experience at NGLA gave me a professional environment in which I could improve my networking skills with members of my national fraternity as well as members of other national and local fraternities and sororities.”

York College Greek Life attending the NGLA conference.

He mentioned that he was able to learn how to deal with conflict that might happen within an organization and how to see it from a bigger picture. “I learned a lot about how to deal with conflict within an organization, how to step back, see the conflict from all points of view and to not let emotion or fear interfere with a decision that could affect the greater good of the organization. Meeting members of Greek Life from all around the Northeast allowed me to compare my chapter’s operations to other organization’s, learn new ideas that I could bring to my chapter, as well as give other organizations ideas to bring back to their chapter.”

Joe’s chapter, recently held their 40th anniversary on campus this March. The chapter held an alumni BBQ event and invited back all their alumni.

Alumni and current brothers of TKE celebrating their 40th anniversary.

Joe said, “This event was a lot of fun and a great experience for all active and alumni members, many great memories were shared and many more were made. The experience was one I will never forget, can’t wait to come back for the 50th!”


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Zoe Rehman, ’18

This week, York College of Pennsylvania is celebrating our commuter students! Zoe Rehman, a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, is a commuter student and an active member in Greek Life.

Members of the Panhellenic Eboard during Spring Recruitment ’17

Zoe Rehman is a Finance major and is a junior at YCP.  She currently serves as the Bursar for her sorority in addition to serving as the Vice President for the Panhellenic Council.

When Zoe was asked if Greek Life changed her life she noted that it not only helped her become more acquainted with the student body and meeting new friends, but it gave her multiple opportunities, including the leadership positions she currently holds. “When joining Phi Sigma Sigma I never thought that I would have wanted to hold a leadership position. I always thought it would be too much pressure and I wasn’t interested in that. But since then holding a leadership position has helped me grow more as an individual. It has helped me become more professional and enhance my skills.”

Members of the Panhellenic Eboard, Fall ’16

Because she holds such unique position, holding a leadership position in her sorority as well as being on the Panhellenic Executive Board, she has definitely shown how capable she is and how well she manages her time.  “Being both the Bursar and Vice President have given me more insight into what I want to do with my future as well given that I am a finance major. It opens your eyes to so many other opportunities you have.” Being on the executive board for her own sorority also gave Zoe the opportunity to go to her sorority’s national conference, where she got to meet many different sisters from around the country.

As a commuter at YCP, Zoe explained she was hesitant at first to go out for recruitment. She said that it helped to keep her engaged on campus even after her classes were over. “Before Greek Life I never was really on campus I would just go to class and then go home. I didn’t like going to class or going to school in general, but once I joined Phi Sig I now always have a place to go and have people to be with. I am honestly on campus most of the day, being in Greek Life really has given me a home away from home. Also, I am on the Panhellenic eboard so I have meetings and different obligations and I enjoy being here so much more. I enjoy being more involved and doing different things on campus, makes it feel like I have more of a purpose to be here, rather than just going to class.”

She did note that as a commuter it was harder to adjust to the change in time commitment, but it was worth it. “Being a commuter at first was hard to manage my time and activities here on campus and having a part time job. It was hard getting used to having the commitment of being at school more, but after awhile it became so much more manageable and I now enjoy coming to school everyday because I have the opportunity to see everyone.”

Panhellenic Council Executive Board 2016-2017

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Claire Alexander, ’18

Claire Alexander is a junior Mass Communication Major at York College of PA with a Theatre minor. She is from the Alpha Lambda chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon. Claire is a part of the YCP Theatre division and serves as an Orientation Coordinator (OC), having been promoted to OC after being a Orientation Leader for two years. She has also been involved with intramurals and the WVYC radio show.

Claire preforming as Abigail in Abigail/1702

In the past she has played many lead roles in different plays.  Her first semester as a freshman she was cast as Sister Aloysius Beauvier in Doubt: A Parable which in her words, “was a huge honor because Maryl Streep played the same role”. She also played the role of Abigail Williams in Abigail/1702. And most recently, she played a variety of different characters in Story Theatre, a collection of folk tale plays.

When it came to Greek Life, Claire noted that it had definitely impacted her years here at YCP. “I originally joined because I love being active on campus, but I gained so much more. DPhiE is my biggest support system- whether I’m taking a test or the lead in a play, I know my sisters are cheering for me whatever I do. Being a member of my sorority has also given me so many great role models that I constantly look up to who make me want to become the best person I can.”

Orientation Leaders that are also members of Greek Life

She also noted that one of the more important aspects of being in a sorority for her was the ability to serve her community more. “It has also made an easy outlet for me to participate in more community service, I spent many hours last semester delivering Meals On Wheels with sisters. I also love the Greek unity we have here; having friends in other organizations is awesome because we all share the same interests and it makes the York College community feel closer.”14611044_1094465330638821_8491142288066165542_n

As a new Orientation Coordinator, Claire explained that is has brought  more opportunities for her to exercise her responsibility.


“We have already begun planning Orientation for the fall and we also have the duty of training Orientation Leaders but it is a lot of fun. After being an Orientation Leader for two years I was excited to take the next step and see what more I could do for the program and I am happy that I have already been able to do a lot just this year. Being an Orientation Leader has been one of my favorite experiences at York College, there is nothing more rewarding than helping new students find their home.”

Delta Phi Epsilon at Ugly Sweater Dodgeball

Since there are many members of Greek Life in the Orientation team, Claire has the unique job of working with them. She said, “It is great to work with other Greek OCs, like I mentioned earlier, its cool because we are already friends through Greek life so we get along really well. We are also great at bouncing ideas off one another and I think its going to make orientation awesome this coming year.” We cannot wait for Orientation to come around and to meet our new Spartans!

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Erin Murray, ’19 & Sydney Gawronski, ’19

One of the best things that Greek Life can bring you is friendship and a close bond with the members of this community. Sydney and Erin found their friendship much earlier in life and watched as it grew stronger by becoming sorority sisters. Read more about how these women are giving a new meaning to the term “best friends for life.”

Sydney and Erin with another sister of Phi Sigma Sigma.

Sydney Gawronski and Erin Murray are both members of the Epsilon Rho Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma and both Human Service majors at York College of Pennsylvania. Sydney serves as the Membership Recruitment Chair and Erin as a Standards Board member for the chapter.

These two friends met when Sydney moved to Limerick, PA from Philadelphia. Sydney and Erin met in 3rd grade at Limerick Elementary school and became fast friends since they lived very close to each other. Throughout the years they started to separate because of taking other classes in middle school and becoming a part of different friend groups. It was their senior year in high school when they saw each other at an Open House event at York and were able to reconnect:

“One day at an open house event at YCP we saw each other in the dining hall and I had no idea she was even interested in YCP…” Sydney said. They then became roommafrenztes their freshman year and again this year along with another sister of Phi Sigma Sigma.

Sydney says that being in Greek Life has made her much more organized and helped with her leadership and time management skills. “Being a member of Phi Sigma Sigma’s executive board has taught me how to present in front of groups more confidently and taught me how to deal with interacting with other companies and organizations.”

Sisters at the Phi Sigma Sigma “Dye the Fountain event” for Breast Cancer Awareness.

As a new member to Greek Life, Erin had much to say about how it has already affected her life,  “Greek Life has improved my life in so many ways already. I have met some of the most amazing people I will ever know through this organization. My pledge sisters became three of my best friends in just a few short weeks, not to mention my incredible big sister, and everyone else I have come to love as my own sisters. Its really great to get to know so many people from other organizations on campus as well.”

When asked how they felt about becoming sisters through

Erin and Sydney who have been friends since 3rd grade and are now bound together by sisterhood!
Erin and Sydney who have been friends since 3rd grade and are now bound together by sisterhood!

their sorority, they both were elated about it. Sydney said, “Erin has always been like a sister to me even before she joined Phi Sig. She was someone who I could always turn to for the best advice and she was willing to help me with anything I needed. I am glad now that she is a part of Phi Sig because I can show her all the great things this sorority has given to me and will hopefully give to her.”

Erin stated that her friendship with Sydney was also like they were sisters. “…and now that we are officially sorority sisters [it] only makes us closer. I am able to understand her love for this organization now, and experience all of the great things that Greek Life has to offer.”

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Darryl Andreas, ’19

Darryl Andreas is a Public Relations Major and a sophomore at York College of PA. He is a member of the Gamma Gamma Chapter of  Kappa Delta Rho and currently serves as the chapter Secretary. Darryl is also involved in many aspects around campus. He is the Student Services Chair of Student Senate, Treasurer of InterVarsity, a Student Ambassador, and Secretary of the Student Alumni Association! Last year, he was a recipient of the Most Outstanding Freshmen of the Year award.

Kappa Delta Rho’s Executive Board

Darryl has stated that Greek Life has already made a huge impact on him when it comes to being at York College. “Having a family away from home is the best part, as I can trust my brothers with anything I would trust my family with, and my brothers have helped me grow as a person and a leader. Not having any siblings, being able to call my fraternity my brothers is one of the best things I could ever ask for.”



As a newly elected member of the Executive Board for Kappa Delta Rho, Darryl explained that it has already been a rewarding and exciting experience. “Being able to work with everyone and being able to help out the chapter as a whole is an awesome feeling… It has been an awesome experience and I hope to grow even more with it!”

Kappa Delta Rho, winning first place in Greek Week.
Student Senate Greek Members
Student Senate Greek Members

Beyond his experience in Kappa Delta Rho, Darryl has spent his time at YCP on Student Senate. The YCP Student Senate has a large amount of Greek members involved from general senators, to chair/committee holders like Darryl, to executive officers. Having the chance to serve his College through Student Senate, with fellow Greek members, has been a great opportunity to better both the YCP community and the Greek Life community!

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