Alexandra DeBonte, a junior Philosophy major, and Nicole Cush, a senior Spanish Education maojor, are sisters of the Phi Eta chapter of Phi Mu at York College of PA. Alexandra is the founder of The Odyssey at YCP and Nicole is a member in two honor societies on campus (Kappa Delta Pi, the Education Honor society, and Alpha Chi, a National Honor Society). Both sisters had the life-changing opportunity to study abroad during the spring 2016 semester and they had the opportunity to do it together.

Alexandra and Nicole studied abroad last spring in Sevilla, Spain through the YCP study aborad program. Alexandra states, “My study abroad experience is one that I will never forget. I studied in Sevilla, Spain which is located in the southern region of Spain. Choosing Sevilla was the best decision I could have made because it really allowed me to experience the essence of Spanish culture…In addition to Sevilla, I got to travel all throughout Europe and see places like Italy, Switzerland, and France, just to name a few.”

Alexandra at the Louvre in France.

Both sisters agree that their study abroad experience was the best decisions they ever made. It pushed them out of their comfort zone, and allowed them to experience different cultures that they would not have been able to experience if they had not been on the study abroad trip.

Nicole in the Swiss Alps.

Nicole also spent five month in the city of Seville, Spain. She says that “Studying abroad gave me the chance to immerse myself in a different culture from my own. It taught me to step outside of my comfort zone and go on adventures with the many new friends I was fortunate enough to make. It taught me to appreciate every moment of every day and enjoy all the little details life offers you.”


The Study abroad semester that they had taught them to be  more flexible in new situations. They discovered cultures that they previously didn’t know about and were fully immersed in these new places. Nicole says, “Study abroad didn’t just teach me about other cultures and a world outside of my own, but it taught me about myself and what I was capable of achieving.”

When it comes to Greek Life, both sisters have stated that it has allowed them to become a part of something bigger than themselves. Nicole noted that she has been given the opportunity to give back to the York community by working with the York County Food Bank, Phi Mu’s local philanthropy. “I have made life long friends and sisters and a never ending support system. Being in Greek Life has given me leadership opportunities, connections to better prepare myself in my major, and it has pushed me to achieve academic excellence.”


Alexandra says that Greek Life: “has allowed me to come together with a group of unique individuals to form a common connection not only at York, but in the community. Whether its volunteering or working a philanthropy event, or even hosting alumni events on campus, there is a sense of pride that comes from being a Phi Mu at York, and it always feels great to be included in that kind of close-knit community. In addition to that, Greek Life has given me the confidence to become a leader and has taught me how to encourage others to do the same. For sororities as a whole at YCP, Greek Life is about women helping other women, and guiding them to reach their full potential, regardless of what sorority you are in, and its great to be a part of something like that.”

Sisters Nicole (left) and Alexandra (right)
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