Zachary Wojnowski is a senior Engineering Management major at York College of Pennsylvania. He is from the Alpha Theta Chapter of Kappa Delta Phi and currently serves as the Interfraternity Council President. Prior to serving as the President, Zach was the delegate for his chapter for two years.

Zach (bottom left) and members of Kappa Delta Phi

As a senior, Zach had many things to say about Greek Life at YCP, “Greek Life has made a major impact on my life. As a freshman, I wasn’t sure if joining a fraternity would be something that I should do. After joining Kappa Delta Phi, I feel my life has improved…I feel more connected to the school as I know so many people around campus, and feel more involved with Greek Life events.”

When asked if other people should join Greek Life he said, “The brothers of Kappa Delta Phi, old and new, have all impacted my life in some way. These men allow me to experience college at its fullest. They help guide me through life, supporting my decisions, and creating ways to have a great time at York College. I encourage others to join Greek Life as it does benefit your college experience.”

10-12 Ritas.JPG
Members of the Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council giving out Rita’s to members of Greek Life.

Being the President of IFC has given Zach many responsibilities. He says, “It has impacted my schedule as I contact and meet Presidents, IFC delegates, students and/or faculty on a daily basis. With that I must also balance my school work and fraternity commitments. I have learned to better my time management, and set goals for myself each day to stay on track with my commitments. As President, I work with my chapter to make sure they are doing all of their responsibilities for the school and are actively maintaining a presence on campus.”

As for being in Greek Life, Zach has said that it helped him become a better person. “I have learned that if I want something, I must work hard to earn it. As a student, my grades have improve dramatically, my time management and communication has improved, and I worked to obtain leadership positions in my fraternity and IFC.” For life after graduation, he says, “I plan to use the skills Greek Life has bestow upon me to achieve a well paying career. Greek Life has definitely prepared me for life after college.”

Kappa Delta Phi.JPG
Members of Kappa Delta Phi during Greek Week.
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