Rachel Chase is a senior Public Relations major at YCP and has two minors in Speech Communications and Film Studies. She is a sister of the Alpha Lambda chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon. She has served as her sorority’s Vice President of Recruitment for the past two years and is currently serving her second year as their formal chair.

Rachel wishes that she could be as involved in her sorority as much as she can before she graduates, but she also holds an important job outside of Greek Life. On campus she is a student ambassador, a position she has held since her sophomore year. She works with the admissions office and give tours of the YCP campus to perspective students and families.

Student Ambassadors for York College

Throughout the current 2016-2017 school year she is also serving as the Admissions Intern for the admissions office.  This job allows her to work more closely with the admissions counselors and campus professionals. With this job, Rachel is able to attend college fairs, high school visits and also assist in planning large-scale events on campus including: Open Houses for interested students and Accepted Student Days for incoming students.

Rachel feels that as a student ambassador, she has a very special job. “To the student, the ambassador giving them the tour is the face of YCP. It is that ambassador’s job to make sure that by the end of the day the visiting student can envision themselves as a York College student eating in Johnson Dining Hall, studying in the [library] or working out at [Grumbacher].”

Sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon

Rachel has learned a great deal from this position, gaining communication and leaderships skills as well as gained connections to incoming students. “Being able to tell students and families about my love for York College and everything it has given me a unique education, personal development skills and life-long friendships is a great feeling. It reminds me of how grateful I am to have chosen to come to York when I was a senior in high school.”

Rachel noted that being a student ambassador helped her when she ran for the position of Recruitment in her sorority. “As an ambassador I was essentially recruiting students to come to YCP. Now, I wanted to recruit young women to join Greek Life at our school. During my time as VP of Recruitment, I really made an effort to not recruit just for DPhiE but rather for sorority life as a whole. I have always advised potential new members to get to know every chapter on our campus before recruitment. Each sorority at YCP has beautifully unique girls, all with strong sisterhoods and values. I truly believe potential new members are beyond lucky to get a bid extended from each and every one of our organizations.”

Delta Phi Epsilon at Spring recruitment, ’16

There are many student ambassadors who are also in Greek Life, Rachel said that working with them made her experience even better. “I know that a lot of ambassadors in Greek Life have gained this immense commitment to York College partly because of the experiences it has given us within our individual organizations. We want to be able to communicate these experiences to visiting students. Working with other members of Greek life has also given me many great friendships that may not have been formed if we were not working so closely as ambassadors.”

When it comes to Greek Life on campus, Rachel has said that Greek Life is like it’s own community on campus. “I feel as if I can go to any other member of YCP Greek Life for a variety of things and am able to count on them for anything, such as help with a philanthropy project, question about homework in class or just to chat with them in the dining hall. It’s very empowering to be part of something bigger than yourself.” convention

Reflecting back on her time at York, Rachel stated that going through recruitment was one of the best decisions that she made. “Though its cliché to say, becoming a sorority woman my freshman year was by far the best decision I could have made at York College. Being in DPhiE has improved countless aspects of my life and motivated me to do things I would have never even considered before joining. Delta Phi Epsilon as given me 40+ sisters that I can count on for absolutely anything; whether I need a shoulder to cry on, someone to make me laugh on a bad day, or a second closet to look in. My sisters mean the world to me.”

As a senior, Rachel knows that she will be graduating soon. When asked if Greek Life has prepared her for life after college, she knew that it had helped her with many traits that she would need in her future job. “Knowing that graduation is right around the corner for me, I will be taking many things that I have learned during my time in Greek Life into the real world. Being a member of our leadership team has helped me develop personally as a young professional.”


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