In Greek Life we use the terms brother and sister to describe the relationships we make with our fellow members. In Blair and Garrett’s case, they actually are brother and sister! Blair is a junior Hospitality Management major and Garrett is a senior Political Science major at YCP. Blair is a sister of the Gamma Iota chapter of  Alpha Sigma Tau and is the newly elected Vice President of Finance. Garrett is is a brother of the Alpha Theta Chapter of Kappa Delta Phi and serves as the New Member Educator.

Garrett and Blair at the “Are you Smarter than a frat guy?” an event hosted by Alpha Sigma Tau.

When it comes down to these two siblings sharing their experiences both at school and at home, Blair says, “Sharing a college with my brother is really cool because I was able to get the opportunity of being introduced to a lot of people when I was a freshman here. He has helped me out on multiple occasions when I needed it with school and it was comforting knowing that I would always have my brother around when I needed him.” Garrett seems to echo this statement saying, “I don’t think Blair or I ever imagine going to the same college when we were in high school, so when Blair decided to come to YCP, I was pretty surprised, but I was glad that she decided to attend YCP with me. As soon as school started I really encouraged her to join Greek Life because of all the great experiences I had with it and when she decided to join her sorority I was really excited for her.”

As for Garrett being in Greek Life, Blair says, “It’s honestly really awesome being able to bond more with my brother over being in Greek life together, he has really helped to guide me and introduce me to the immense opportunities that Greek life and being apart of a sisterhood provides.”

Blair says that being involved in Greek Life at YCP has changed her life completely, “I’ve been given such a wide variety of opportunities and have been able to create connections among the Greek life community. Being apart of a sorority and Greek life as a whole has changed my whole college experience only for the best and it was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Alpha Sigma Tau at Spring Recruitment, ’16

As a newly elected member of Alpha Sigma Tau’s Executive Board, Blair states that it is such a privilege to hold the position that she does. “Getting elected an Executive Board position was a great honor in my eyes because it shows how much my sisters really believe in me and the potential that I have.”

Members of Kappa Delta Phi at Greek Week

Garrett notes that Greek Life has made him into the person that he is today. “Whether it’s teaching you valuable leadership skills or enabling you to volunteer for great causes, Greek Life gets you involved on campus and in the community in so many different ways…I can honestly say that joining Greek Life has made my time at YCP so much better.

Garrett states” Overall, I think it’s pretty cool that we both get to experience Greek Life at YCP together because it always give us something to talk about when we’re together and makes it easier for us to relate to one another about certain things.”

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