Julianna Shaw is a junior nursing major at YCP. She is a member of the Gamma Phi Chapter of Sigma Delta Tau and is the newly elected President for her Chapter for this next year. Juli is also a newly inducted member of Order of Omega and is a part of the Move In team, Spartan Road Crew (Spartanation), Student Alumni Association,  and she is a student worker at the Office of Student Activities and Orientation.

Sigma Delta Tau at the Walk for Alzheimer’s.

When asked how it felt being accepted into Order of Omega, Juli notes that it has empowered her as a student leader. She says that as a new member she is eager to get involved and further improve the Greek community.

As the newly elected President of Sigma Delta Tau, Juli is understandably excited. She says she is looking forward to helping her organization. She states, “I hope that with this position I can help enhance communication between my chapter and the school as well as nationals. I also hope to work with the rest of the chapter in achieving our goals for the 2017-2018 school year. I’m really looking forward to bringing my organization together and helping younger sisters grow as people and leaders and mentor them as they prepare to take on their own positions as well and other positions in other organizations.”

Sigma Delta Tau at their National Convention

When it comes to being in Greek Life, Juli says that, “…Greek life has made me an extremely confident female leader. It has made me more involved and given me opportunities to grow and find new interests. It has also allowed me to network with alumni and form close bonds with students that I would not have been able to if I had not joined Greek life. My sisters empower me everyday to strive to be the best I can be and are the best support system a girl going through nursing school can ask for.”




Over the break, the YCP Roadcrew went to a few different destinations. They were able to visit

Students at the Today Show

New York City where they got on the Today Show. Juli says “we got to wake up a 5am and go to the today show where I ended up somehow being right in between the hosts so I got on TV!” After The Today Show they visited with an alumni at Viacom which is the company that owns many TV stations, most notably being Nick, MTV,  and Paramount. Later on they were able to go to the alumni reception where they connected with alumni as well as perspective students  to explain what they had in store for them when they would be incoming students in the fall. Juli was fortunate enough to experience this trip with her big sister in the sorority, Ashley.


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