Darryl Andreas is a Public Relations Major and a sophomore at York College of PA. He is a member of the Gamma Gamma Chapter of  Kappa Delta Rho and currently serves as the chapter Secretary. Darryl is also involved in many aspects around campus. He is the Student Services Chair of Student Senate, Treasurer of InterVarsity, a Student Ambassador, and Secretary of the Student Alumni Association! Last year, he was a recipient of the Most Outstanding Freshmen of the Year award.

Kappa Delta Rho’s Executive Board

Darryl has stated that Greek Life has already made a huge impact on him when it comes to being at York College. “Having a family away from home is the best part, as I can trust my brothers with anything I would trust my family with, and my brothers have helped me grow as a person and a leader. Not having any siblings, being able to call my fraternity my brothers is one of the best things I could ever ask for.”



As a newly elected member of the Executive Board for Kappa Delta Rho, Darryl explained that it has already been a rewarding and exciting experience. “Being able to work with everyone and being able to help out the chapter as a whole is an awesome feeling… It has been an awesome experience and I hope to grow even more with it!”

Kappa Delta Rho, winning first place in Greek Week.
Student Senate Greek Members
Student Senate Greek Members

Beyond his experience in Kappa Delta Rho, Darryl has spent his time at YCP on Student Senate. The YCP Student Senate has a large amount of Greek members involved from general senators, to chair/committee holders like Darryl, to executive officers. Having the chance to serve his College through Student Senate, with fellow Greek members, has been a great opportunity to better both the YCP community and the Greek Life community!

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