One of the best things that Greek Life can bring you is friendship and a close bond with the members of this community. Sydney and Erin found their friendship much earlier in life and watched as it grew stronger by becoming sorority sisters. Read more about how these women are giving a new meaning to the term “best friends for life.”

Sydney and Erin with another sister of Phi Sigma Sigma.

Sydney Gawronski and Erin Murray are both members of the Epsilon Rho Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma and both Human Service majors at York College of Pennsylvania. Sydney serves as the Membership Recruitment Chair and Erin as a Standards Board member for the chapter.

These two friends met when Sydney moved to Limerick, PA from Philadelphia. Sydney and Erin met in 3rd grade at Limerick Elementary school and became fast friends since they lived very close to each other. Throughout the years they started to separate because of taking other classes in middle school and becoming a part of different friend groups. It was their senior year in high school when they saw each other at an Open House event at York and were able to reconnect:

“One day at an open house event at YCP we saw each other in the dining hall and I had no idea she was even interested in YCP…” Sydney said. They then became roommafrenztes their freshman year and again this year along with another sister of Phi Sigma Sigma.

Sydney says that being in Greek Life has made her much more organized and helped with her leadership and time management skills. “Being a member of Phi Sigma Sigma’s executive board has taught me how to present in front of groups more confidently and taught me how to deal with interacting with other companies and organizations.”

Sisters at the Phi Sigma Sigma “Dye the Fountain event” for Breast Cancer Awareness.

As a new member to Greek Life, Erin had much to say about how it has already affected her life,  “Greek Life has improved my life in so many ways already. I have met some of the most amazing people I will ever know through this organization. My pledge sisters became three of my best friends in just a few short weeks, not to mention my incredible big sister, and everyone else I have come to love as my own sisters. Its really great to get to know so many people from other organizations on campus as well.”

When asked how they felt about becoming sisters through

Erin and Sydney who have been friends since 3rd grade and are now bound together by sisterhood!
Erin and Sydney who have been friends since 3rd grade and are now bound together by sisterhood!

their sorority, they both were elated about it. Sydney said, “Erin has always been like a sister to me even before she joined Phi Sig. She was someone who I could always turn to for the best advice and she was willing to help me with anything I needed. I am glad now that she is a part of Phi Sig because I can show her all the great things this sorority has given to me and will hopefully give to her.”

Erin stated that her friendship with Sydney was also like they were sisters. “…and now that we are officially sorority sisters [it] only makes us closer. I am able to understand her love for this organization now, and experience all of the great things that Greek Life has to offer.”

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