This week, York College of Pennsylvania is celebrating our commuter students! Zoe Rehman, a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, is a commuter student and an active member in Greek Life.

Members of the Panhellenic Eboard during Spring Recruitment ’17

Zoe Rehman is a Finance major and is a junior at YCP.  She currently serves as the Bursar for her sorority in addition to serving as the Vice President for the Panhellenic Council.

When Zoe was asked if Greek Life changed her life she noted that it not only helped her become more acquainted with the student body and meeting new friends, but it gave her multiple opportunities, including the leadership positions she currently holds. “When joining Phi Sigma Sigma I never thought that I would have wanted to hold a leadership position. I always thought it would be too much pressure and I wasn’t interested in that. But since then holding a leadership position has helped me grow more as an individual. It has helped me become more professional and enhance my skills.”

Members of the Panhellenic Eboard, Fall ’16

Because she holds such unique position, holding a leadership position in her sorority as well as being on the Panhellenic Executive Board, she has definitely shown how capable she is and how well she manages her time.  “Being both the Bursar and Vice President have given me more insight into what I want to do with my future as well given that I am a finance major. It opens your eyes to so many other opportunities you have.” Being on the executive board for her own sorority also gave Zoe the opportunity to go to her sorority’s national conference, where she got to meet many different sisters from around the country.

As a commuter at YCP, Zoe explained she was hesitant at first to go out for recruitment. She said that it helped to keep her engaged on campus even after her classes were over. “Before Greek Life I never was really on campus I would just go to class and then go home. I didn’t like going to class or going to school in general, but once I joined Phi Sig I now always have a place to go and have people to be with. I am honestly on campus most of the day, being in Greek Life really has given me a home away from home. Also, I am on the Panhellenic eboard so I have meetings and different obligations and I enjoy being here so much more. I enjoy being more involved and doing different things on campus, makes it feel like I have more of a purpose to be here, rather than just going to class.”

She did note that as a commuter it was harder to adjust to the change in time commitment, but it was worth it. “Being a commuter at first was hard to manage my time and activities here on campus and having a part time job. It was hard getting used to having the commitment of being at school more, but after awhile it became so much more manageable and I now enjoy coming to school everyday because I have the opportunity to see everyone.”

Panhellenic Council Executive Board 2016-2017

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